Bedbugs in southern ocean county was unheard of in the early 2000's.

Today it's a real and growing problem facing many families and businesses.


Bedbugs do much more than just itch. They disrupt sleeping habits, create feelings of helplessness, and cause financial hardship due to replacing infested household items, not to mention the costs involved in hiring professionals to get rid of them.


Estimates and inspections for bedbugs by managers and above.



Be very careful who you hire


  • Not all pest control companies are created equal, nor the people who work for them.

  • Trust us, you do not want to hire the wrong company and go through this twice, you have too much to lose.

  • You don't want a trainee or a technician with little to no experience in situations like this.

  • Make sure they are experienced. Google "bed bugs" make yourself  knowledgeable then ask questions. Do they have the right answers?

  • Do they have proper licenses and insurance? We do, and we carry copies in all our vehicles.



We have experience dealing with bedbugs dating back to the mid 1990'S.


  • We are discrete and we understand what you're going through.

  • Our bed bug treatments come with a One Year Service Agreement

  • We do a second treatment and follow up inspection on all jobs.

  • Our training and methods are designed to get rid of them PERIOD.

  • We only send managers or above to give bedbug estimates and inspections.

  • We are family owned, we are local, we will take good care of you.

  • We comply to all rules and methods for choosing the right pest control

       company for bed bugs by

  • Ocean County Board Of Health

  • Before we come to treat



Need to Know


  • As bad as this sounds, once you're treated, you should remain in the bed, you're the bait, attracting bugs to the poison and their deaths.

  • Bedbugs will remain deep in cracks and crevices until they detect a host to feed on; they are attracted to humans by our exhaling of carbon dioxide.

  • Bedbug treatments can take weeks before becoming effective and should be treated at least twice in 2 week intervals.


  • Because bedbugs may feed every 10 days or so, we have to wait for them to crawl out and walk through the pesticides, this is why you may still see them a week or two after the first treatment.

  • Do not use foggers or bombs. Do Not try treating bedbugs yourself, you can only worsen the problem by making them disperse and hide deeper. Also applying cleaning methods or other pesticides to professionally treated areas can diminish our treatments.

  • Remember that some people do not react to bed bug bites at all.  Bed bug bites are an allergic reaction, and reactions vary from nothing to serious allergic reactions




Even if you think you have bedbugs, but are not 100% sure, Call Us.

It costs nothing for us to come out and take a look, you have nothing to lose.



* One Year Guarantee is for bedbug treatments priced at $1500 or more. Under $1500 is a 90 day guarantee.

* Same Day Service depends on scheduling, although we try our best it may not always be available.

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